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Intégrez les outils webmarketing dans votre stratégie digitale

MB Digitals guides you in the implementation of the your digital marketing strategy keeping in mind the three web marketing pillars: acquisition, conversion and rentention.


Digital keywords easily become a burdon for many professionnals. SEO, SEA, SEM or SMO are all different accronyms frequently used in digital marketing.

MB Digitals helps you understand these terms and acquisition levers. It will allow the adoption of an omnichannels approach with a specific goal: to generate traffic to your website, increase your visibility, create/reinforce your brand image and bring additionnal revenus.

The first step is to create or alter your digital strategy by auditing your digital presence.

  • Your "natural" indexing called SEO
  • Your presence on digital platforms such as social networks
  • Currently running ads (Adwords (SEA, Display...) Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads...)
  • Emailing campaigns and customers data management
  • Public Relation and influencers campaign


At MB Digitals, creating a digital ecosystem for a company takes its meaning in the conversion phase.

Our primary goal is to maximize chances once a potential customer is reached by one of our touch points, he will be immerged in your well prepared univers maximized for conversions.

In order to do so, the right tools must be set up and a cohesion between your website design and sell's funnel is crucial to push and convince your leads to become buyers.

Therefore, your website architecture, its design (UI/UX) alongside the quality and efficiency of your product/service pages are all components that will determine conversions.

From our experience, conversion doesn't solely rely on those components. Content quality, both visuals and in writing play a critical role.

And social networks, still too often neglected, left aside or rushed by numerous professionals, play an essential role in the perception of your brand by prospects and customers, and therefore in conversions.

Indeed, whether you operate in fashion, food, tourism or any other sector, your leads will check and verify your presence on these platforms and their decision to purchase from you will depends on what they find and the perception of your brand they get from them.


When we know the cost of acquiring a customer, we understand the importance to keep existing ones.

MB Digitals advises you on levers and actions to put in place in order to maximize impact as well as the frequency to communicate with your clients.

Keeping in mind your budget restrictions, we provide you with different actions that will help you reach your goals.

Once again, consistency in your brand image on the different touchpoints with play an important role in the retention of your clients.

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